FAQs: What can I expect?


Do I need to prepare anything?

Not really!  I would advise you to avoid eating a large meal beforehand, so you stay comfortable during the treatment and please do not drink alcohol beforehand.

I have a number of different oils and balms that I use - you are welcome to bring your own if you have a favourite.

I also play some relaxing music during the treatment.  You are welcome to bring your own if you prefer (CD or bluetooth device).


What should I wear?

Reflexology:  Please wear clothing you will be comfortable sitting in for the length of your treatment and that allows you to uncover your feet, ankle and lower legs.  

Please try to avoid wearing tight fitting jeans or trousers, or tights or anything that makes it difficult to touch and move your feet and ankles.

Massage: Arrive dressed in clothes you would usually wear in the daytime. You will be asked to dress down to your own personal comfort level and I will work around whatever you decide.

I use big towels and blankets to drape and cover you, so your body will only be uncovered on the area I am working on at that time. 


I've got a medical condition, can I still have a treatment?

Unfortunately there are some medical conditions which may mean you're not able to receive a treatment, or I will need to adapt the treatment for you. Conditions include (but are not limited to):

  • Acute undiagnosed pain
  • Contagious or notifiable diseases
  • Cellulitis
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Fever, diarrhoea and/or vomiting
  • Early pregnancy
  • Heart conditions
  • Imminent medical tests

If you're worried about a condition or illness, please give me a call and we can discuss your treatment options. 


How many treatments will I need?

Every person is unique and every condition is unique to each person. 

It may take one session or it may take a course of treatments over a period of time.  You may want an occasional treatment every now and then - this is absolutely fine and it is your choice!

We can discuss this during your initial consultation and following your treatment sessions.  


Treatment in your own home

I may be able to offer a mobile service where I can treat you in the comfort of your own home dependent on availability and location. 

I will bring the massage couch or reflexology chair, towels & blankets, oils, balms and everything needed to create a relaxing treatment space.

All I will need is a quiet room (approx 3m x 3m in size minimum) with enough room for me to walk around the massage couch, or sit at the foot of the reflexology chair.  I will also bring some relaxing music so a power socket would be helpful.

Treatment prices remain the same, but a charge for the additional travel time and fuel will apply.


How will I feel afterwards?

The power of human touch and the simple luxury of an hour dedicated to stillness in our very busy lives encourages a deep feeling of relaxation and well being.

I will work with you to create a specific holistic treatment plan which will have a positive and restorative effect on your body, reducing stress and tension and improving your sleeping patterns.

After your treatment you should drink plenty of water to hydrate the body and flush out any toxins.  

I will also encourage you to avoid strenuous exercise, alcohol and caffeine if possible for the rest of the day so you can enjoy the benefits of the treatment.